Friday, June 6, 2008

Im alive!!!!! seeing as though its been a year since my past post (as ed kindly pointed out), I guess its time to get back on this thing, so my huge audience can keep up with my ultra-exciting, high paced life.  Since I'm back to actually riding a decent amount these days, hopefully i can find something interesting to post... : )

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Not much happenning

I wish I had some interesting news or something exciting to update the blog with. I have basically been training and waiting to win the lottery. Which I dont think will ever happen since I don't play the lottery. I think it might be time to seriously pursue some employment opportunities since my bank account is similar to the draught that SoCal is experiencing right now. Which is dissapointing because I really enjoy having nothing to do but ride my bike every day. I think is part of the reason I have begun to feel amazing during training and group rides. But such is life.

There was a crit in Lenoir this past weekend, but I opted not to race for monetary reasons. So I drove out there with Ed and his family to support the team and watch the race. It was fun but kinda strange at the same time. I'm not used to being on the sidelines. The course was brutal and so was the heat. Which I think I would have liked quite a bit... but then again thats easy for me to say in the shade eating cheez-its and drinking a dew. We had the biggest team there and everyone had a relatively good race considering the course and the heat. I think it was a decent day in terms of cash too.

I won't be going to fitchburg and since Dalonagah got canceled, I don't think I will be racing this weekend at all. This is a little discouraging just because I want to take advantage of my fitness at the moment. But who knows maybe Im still on the upside of the curve. We shall see.

I was talking to Brent yesterday via aim yesterday and I guess hes going to have his second surgery soon. I guess his leg isnt healing like it should be so just be praying for him. Hes got a long road to recovery ahead of him so stop by and leave him some words of encourgement...

Until next post...
-ride fast, take chances

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Roan Groan...or just groan?

Roan Groan Road Race went as follows...

first 35 miles: sitting in and feeling good.

After we turned back onto 19E: someone decides to take me and 10 other riders out. I go down fast and find myself at the bottom of a pile of bikes with a truck pulling a horse trailor skidding to a stop just feet from my head...

After I can see my muscle tissue in my right fore arm: A sweet ride to the local hospital in an ambulance. 13 stitches and a destroyed powertap wheel (which the truck ran over) later i get to go back to arden.

..."Welcome back to NC."
-ed's mom

Friday, June 8, 2007

California Dreamin'

After finishing my first pro-am stage race at Edgar Soto, I was finally able to go back to the mother land and mentally refuel. It had been about six months since I had seem my family and it was nice to be back where I still call home. My stay was somewhat uneventful which is exaclty how I like it. Although, I was fortunate enough to crew for my mom at one of her endurance horse races just north of L.A. She made winning look easy by completing the 65 mile course an hour and 4 minutes faster then her competition, as well as beating the course record by 4 minutes. It was exciting to see my mom doing what she loves, while making other people look like they dont know what theyre doing at all.

I didnt want to leave the land of sunshine again and almost decided not to. But that would mean missing out on certain opportunities that im just not ready to walk away from quite yet. This weekend I'll be rollin up to TN again with the team to do the Roan Groan Omnium near Johnson City. Its very close to school so it will be mostly on roads that im familar with. First race is tommorow morning and it finishes at the top of Roan mountain, so it should be an interesting race. I'm not sure what the housing situation is like but ill try to keep the blog updated as the race unfolds...

Edgar Soto Crit/RR Final GC

Stage 3 (Criterium, 75 minutes)

Criterium 75th

GC after crit 64th at 9.31

Stage 4 (Road Race, 108 miles)

RR 62nd

Final General Classification

61st, 41.37 down

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Edgar Soto Stages 1 and 2

Stage 1 ITT (6.9 miles)

80th place, Time: 17:02

Stage 2 Circuit Race (6 laps, 66 miles)

24th place

General Classification After Stage 2

55th, 6:45 Down

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I dont know why its so hard for me to keep up with this stupid blog and im sorry that I cant be better about. Well, I'm settled into my new place in arden, NC and so far i have nothing to complain about. One of ed's friends is graciously letting me stay in the lower story of a 2 story house. Its pretty nice to be alone, but at the same time i miss a lot of people.

As far as racing goes; here are some results from the couple that ive failed to keep everyone up-to-date on...

Tour of Virginia
Stage 1: 154st
Stage 2: 124th
Stage 3: DNF

Walnut Grove RR (spartanburg, SC)
Cat 2: 16th

Tour of Virginia was a lot faster then the entire Capri-Foudnation team was prepared for and subsequently we all DNF'ed on the 3rd stage. It was frustrating for a lot of us, but also gave us a taste of what racing in europe would be like.
The walnut grove Road race was a fairly flat 82 mile race down in south carolina and i think i could have easily ridden to a top 5 if i didnt have some digestive issues during laps 2 and 3. My stomache made it pretty hard to even finish the race, so 16th was the best i could come up with.

After another dissapointing month of racing and not being able to race on the collegaite national team in Kansas, Im trying to focus on whats ahead of me. The Edgar Soto Memorial stage race starts this friday and ends next monday; based on the teams that have registered so far, a top 50 finish would be respectable at this point. I'm also looking forward to this weekend because i get to see a certain girl again...